I’ve tried to research this Secret deodorant ad to see who the actress is. I’m risking sounding like a clueless idiot, I realize, but I honestly don’t know her. Should I? She’s maybe…what, 23 or 24, but she’s got it — alert, foxy, seemingly smart, guarded but open, vulnerable. Right away I said to myself “who’s that?” If she were one of the Ghostbusters costars, I wouldn’t hate it as much going in. Whatever she does next, she needs to keep the glasses on. Update: Her name is Emily Labowe. (Thanks to HE reader Jesse Crall.)

Lucy: (Clears throat) Mr. Kendall, um…

Lucy: Ugh. Mleh.

Lucy: I need to ask you a favor. Not really, not really a favor. Just like…

Lucy: Mr. Kendall, I worked on the Padstow team, actually, and we won the business.

Lucy: I mean, just helped.

Lucy: Okay, Lucy. (Clears throat)

Lucy: Casual. Bob!

Lucy: Bobby. How’s it going? You’re looking great. That tie is super sick.

Lucy: You know, Todd makes more than I do, and he’s only worked here for two years.

Lucy: You know I’m also a really. Great. Leader.

Lucy: (Deep breath)

Lucy: Really have things…

Lucy realizes she’s not alone in the bathroom. A toilet flushes. A woman walks up.

Woman: Do it.

Lucy: (Deep breath)


Secret. Stress-tested for women.