The fact that Tron: Legacy isn’t a very good film will, I presume, have no effect on its earnings this weekend. It made around $18 million yesterday and will finish tomorrow night with $45 to $47 million. Nobody wants to hear about Yogi Bear 3D…get outta here. The Fighter will do fairly well by Sunday night with a likely $12 million in 2500 theatres, but let’s keep in mind that pre-Christmas weekends are always soft with everyone travelling and buying gifts. (’s Phil Contrino assures it’ll hold up very well next weekend.) Nobody wants to know about Narnia 3D…scoot. How Do You Know is a vessel that has sunk beneath the waves — $8.7 milllion in 2483 theatres, dead. Black Swan did well within its 959-theatre exposure, especially with younger women, bringing in a projected $9 million by Sunday night. And nobody cares about the rest.

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