Variety‘s Brent Lang is reporting that Clint Eastwood‘s American Sniper will have earned an astonishing $90.2 million by late tonight, and that it’ll most likely pull down $105 million by tomorrow night, or by the conclusion of the four-day Martin Luther King weekend. “The movie has become a cultural phenomenon,” said WB distribution topper Dan Fellman. “It tore apart the record book and not by a little. By an enormous amount.” On the other hand a Twitter guy named veryfewguys said, “Of course it’s crushing the box office…it’s The Hurt Locker dumbed down for the Call of Duty/Halo nation.”

This morning the know-it-all bloggy bloggies kicked around the notion of American Sniper suddenly being the new big gorilla in the Best Picture race, especially after it crosses $200 million. “So I just had a crazy thought,” one said. “Considering that Argo won Best Picture without Ben Affleck winning a Best Director nom…”

“Feels to me like all bets are off,” said Voice #2. “Not predicting Sniper but the combination of the box-office and Clint’s age and the really soggy Best Picture slate in terms of studio fare…it feels like a threat to me. Don’t think SAG matters much. Though we always say that and it always does!”

Voice #3: “Boyhood, Budapest and Birdman will still win a lot.”

Voice #1: “Budapest will take production design, makeup, maybe cinematography…right? Birdman takes original screenplay at the very least. Keaton, Best Actor.”

Voice #4: “Sniper takes both sound categories (I think it will easily), editing, screenplay maybe (blecch). Boyhood takes director for sure, supporting actress…what else though? Whiplash could take screenplay, supporting actor Imitation Game takes…?”

Voice #1: “I’m just saying it looks like Sniper could take the most Oscars in the end …Linklater should take the DGA but if Clint takes it…”

Voice moi: “The mostly unspoken reality all along has been that the support for Boyhood is soft. It’s well liked and certainly admired, but passion levels have never been through the roof. If Sniper — at best half-good but obviously igniting passion — If Sniper hurts any one film by siphoning votes, it hurts Boyhood…leaving Birdman to take Best Picture.”

Voice whomever: “Disagree. I think only one film can challenge Boyhood and that’s Sniper.”

Voice of a guy who talks to a lot of Academy members: “Whether or not they got the screener or not, it doesn’t matter as far as Sniper goes. Second, talk to Academy members and you find the most passion goes to Imitation Game and now Sniper (and that was BEFORE noms were announced). It’s one reason I have always kept Imitation at #1 despite no wins. I think Sniper could be stealing that thunder a little among Academy members I talk to. Boyhood might be the Social Network of this year. The tale will be told at the Producer’s Guild awards on Saturday — the first chance for the industry to speak. If Boyhood wins that, it goes all the way. If either Sniper or Imitation can stop it, watch out. And that’s what I expect could happen. I don’t see Birdman having a chance at all. Sniper gets editing, both sound and could forge a path to Best Pic. This continues to be an interesting year.”

Voice #1: “I was thinking that until Sniper…now I have no idea which way this thing will go. But I’m sticking with Boyhood for now.”

Voice moi: “I’m not saying it’s an either-or situation — obviously it isn’t — but if it was, even with all its rotely mediocre traits and its needless denigration of LBJ, I’d honestly rather see Selma win rather than American Sniper — semi-dull and dutiful as it is, Selma at least is a humanitarian film about dignity and diligence while Sniper is basically about how it damages a man’s soul to kill Eye-racky savages.”

Voice #1: “I think the ‘urgency to vote’ factor will be stronger with Clint in his 80’s than the diversity thing. It’s going to be a blood bath with Cynthia vs. Harvey again, Fox Searchlight, et. al.”

Get-around guy: “Selma won’t happen except for song, but how ironic would it be if it DID pull off Best Picture and this is blamed on the white guilt of the Academy? Of the four producers nominated, three are white and the other is Oprah! So much for diversity in the Academy or on that film.”

Voice #1: “Sniper won’t win. This story will fade. Sniper will edge towards $300 million and make Boyhood look like a lego figure next to it. This is an Oscar year I wish I could skip.”