A fellow was snoring in the seat next to me during the last 20 minutes of this morning’s Bad Lieutenant screening. Everybody dozes off during festival showings, but this guy was sleeping with his mouth open and making sounds like a hog having its throat cut. At first a woman volunteer came over and whispered that he can’t do this, etc. No effect. So I elbowed him a couple of times and murmured the same thing — “C’mon, man, no snoring.” Indifference. More hog sounds.

I must have poked him six or seven times but he wouldn’t quit. Or rather he’d quit for a minute or two and then start up again. So I got up and took his picture. I’m posting this as a service to TIFF journalists who may run into this dude during the remainder of the festival. Just desserts. You can’t mess with your fellow viewers’ absorption in a film and not expect some sort of consequence.