I think we can all agree that the culture really and truly needs right now another media-related group getting together to hand out year-end awards. Hence, SOAP — the newly-formed Society of Online Awards Prognosticators, the brainchild of And The Winner Is blogmeister Scott Feinberg with members including myself, Sasha Stone and Anne Thompson — has electrically come into being.
The SOAP’s 2007 nominations will post on Sunday, 1.14 — nine days before the Academy noms are announced — with SOAP winners to be announced on Wednesday, 2.21, i.e., four days before the 2.25 Oscar telecast.
The other members: Johnny Alba, The Oscar Igloo; Mark Bakalor, Oscar Central; Carlos Reyes, Oscar Diary; Nathaniel Rogers, The Film Experience; Andy Scott, Everything Oscar; and Giovanni Tagliaferri, The Oscar Jam.