I’m a big Irish Spring or Old Spice body wash guy these days, and when I run out there’s always bar soap (Irish Spring, Dove, Dial). Every so often I’ll not only manage to run out of both, but forget about their absence until I’m in the shower with all the hot water and steam. And then I’m stuck. One substitute that isn’t too bad, I’ve noticed, is shaving cream. I’ve taken more than a few shaving-cream showers. When I’m really in a jam I’ll scamper out to the kitchen to grab a plastic-squeeze bottle of dishwashing liquid — not as good as shaving cream but at least it’s something. What happens when there’s no body wash, soap, shaving cream, dishwashing liquid, deodorant or Aqua Velva? I steam rinse, towel off and then spray myself with Febreze. I’ve honestly done that once or twice.