I’ve watched this Somewhere clip three times now, and all I’m getting from it is one thing — the brunette isn’t especially taken with Stephen Dorff, her costar. They have a history and she’s over it. And everyone in the room is pretending to ignore this. And yet Dorff, for some reason, seems surprised. Which doesn’t figure. No guy is ever surprised by a woman’s disdain. He always senses it before it’s expressed, usually shrugs it off, projects “whatever.”

And by the way, I’m not seeing Somewhere (Focus Features, 12.22) on the list for the Toronto Film Festival. Why would Somewhere play Venice — journalists and critics galore — but not Toronto? If you’re going to be reviewed and talked about in Italy, what’s the advantage in ducking Phase Two (or Phase Three, if you’re counting Telluride)? This obviously sends a signal that Coppola and/or Focus Features are…well, concerned about something. Or that she and Focus are sensing on some level that Somewhere will get a friendlier reception in Venice.

When was the last time that a film by a major-league director bypassed Toronto after going to Venice? There are precedents, I’m assuming.