London Film Festival press-passers (myself included) saw Saving Mr. Banks at 10 am this morning at the Leicester Square Odeon, and then a percentage of same attended the Banks press conference at the Dorchester at 2:45 pm. It also rained a lot. I’m tapping out my review and will post it around 11 pm London time, as requested by Disney publicity. In the meantime here are some diversionary photos and videos — ugly car, beginning of Banks press conference, Dorchester visitors stranded on front steps by rainstorm, hazy head shots, etc.

The ugliest Lamborghini in world history was parked outside the Dorchester this afternoon, obviously owned by someone filthy rich (some Middle-Eastern guy?) and clueless beyond belief. It has to be a guy — no woman would drive around in something like this. I’m also guessing that the style is borrowed from Joseph Kosinski‘s Tron. The guy who bought this car needs to have his wealth impounded and then it needs to be given to the poor.

People act like Auda Abu Tayi when I shoot video in their direction — they think I’m stealing a piece of their soul. The rain made getting a cab impossible so I walked two blocks south from the Dorchester Hotel and caught a double-decker bus to Victoria Station, and then took the tube to Sloane Square (which is pronounced “Sloahhn Squawwwh”), went upstairs and caught the 22 bus west down Kings Road and back to my Airbnb pad.

Saving Mr. Banks costars Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks during this afternoon’s press conference.

Saving Mr. Banks director John Lee Hancock.

Rolled-up, ankle-exposing pants along with lace-up leather shoes is one of the dorkiest fashion concepts of all time. No self-respecting straight guy would walk around with rolled-up cuffs. Appalling.

Saving Mr. Banks screenwriter Kelly Marcel.