The International Alliance of Stalinists Against Body Shaming have made it illegal or at the very least politically unwise to say anything even faintly critical about anyone’s anatomy. But as this publicity shot from Lady Godiva of Coventry suggests, it’s…let’s change that to it was generally unwise for actors of either gender in glamour shots to allow the soles of their feet to be photographed. Look at any coffee-table book of old-school Hollywood glamour photography and you’ll notice that feet were rarely captured from any angle, and that soles — especially when they were somewhat crinkled or lumpy — were certainly a must to avoid. Not every aspect of the body is drop-dead glorious. I’m sorry but this was my first thought when I saw this photo of Twitter this morning. Maureen O’Hara, born in 1920, is still with us. Kirk Douglas, born in December 1916, has her beat by three and a half years.