Some folks at Cinematical have responded to my United 93 review, and I responded to some of what they said, etc. Sorry for my misspelling and dyslexia, but I was in a rush. Anyway, I’ve been able to correct the boo-boos since. A woman named Martha Fischer who doesn’t want to see United 93 took exception to being called a coward, which is what I more or less said earlier, and I responded thusly: “Sorry to be the bearer but yeah…you kind of are that, Martha. No offense and all but yes, I feel that you are definitely a run-and-hider. I respect the fact that there are thousands of like-minded souls in your boat (or do I mean ‘arc’?), and it’s okay if you want to turn your head and push those memories away and ‘move on,’ as it were. I sound like I’m being facetious but I’m trying not to be …seriously, to each his own. I just happen to think you and your brethren are basically being babies about this. I’m saying this because I feel that I know whereof I speak. I used to be terrified of looking at an illustration of a certain big beaver in a kid’s book when I was four or five years old, and my mother never threw that book out — she kept it in a bottom bureau drawer and it always unnerved me, knowing it was sitting there. I knew I NEVER wanted to look at that Godawful scary beaver again…never! Now, who knows? Maybe if all the courageous, strong-in-their- heart Americans like yourself join hands and resolve that while 9/11 happened, they can also resolve not to think about it, and if they keep doing that then maybe the residue of 9/11 will eventually go away altogether and then…well, I guess if the residue is permanently erased then 9/11 never really happened, right? I mean, it ‘happened’ but if enough babies join hands and resolve that they don’t want to think about it or reconsider it or remind themselves what it was like or, God forbid (please…no!…NO!) consider the historical-geopolitical reasons why it might have happened in the first place (you know…like those pesky nabobs Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal have?), then it’s kind of like saying that if we all really believe in fairies then maybe Tinkerbell can be brought back to life. I don’t mean to upset you, seriously…go ahead, ignore United 93, it’s fine…..but it really is a totally pro-level, respectful and respectable film about what definitely happened, and what might have happened, and perhaps what should have happened.”