This is hilarious: Defamer has a comment from a reader who says he just attended a screening on the Universal lot of the new, happy-ending version of The Break-up (Universal, 6.2), which came out of a recent re-shoot that came about, according to that “Page Six” item, because of negative reactions to the original finale of the film in which costars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn don’t get back together. Anyway, the reader says he “saw a test screening of [the version with the happier ending] last night at Universal (yeah, I was recruited at AMC in Burbank), and at the panel afterwards, pretty much everyone HATED the new ending they tacked on to make it seem like they got back together…and I mean hated it.” For what it’s worth, a well-connected source of my own just told me this test screening did indeed happen, and that the reactions to the new ending WERE pretty bad. He also told me what the original ending was: Vaughn and Aniston meet up some time after they’ve split and they’re both in new relationships, and yet Aniston’s new boyfriend looks exactly a lot Vaughn and Vaughn’s new squeeze looks an awful lot like Aniston. This sounds pretty funny to me…funny idea and a potentially very funny scene. My source told me that “endings almost always test badly…people almost never like the endings they see….especially if someone dies at the end.” I think on some level it’s the Some like It Hot curse. That’s a pretty well-known classic film, and anyone who’s seen it knows it has one of the greatest endings (and greatest final lines) ever, and it’s really tough to come up with something as good as that and yet people want something in that realm, and…well, life’s a bitch.