The first thing I said as I watched this trailer for Akiva Goldsman‘s Winter’s Tale (Warner Bros., 2.14.14) was “uh-oh…romantic time travel…based on a 30 year-old novel….a cousin of Jeannot Szwarc‘s Somewhere In Time.” (Which I’ve always respected, by the way.) The second thing I said was “who’s the babe?” Answer: 24 year-old British actress Jessica Brown Findlay. Then I flinched when Colin Farrell, marooned in 2013, half-moaned and teared up when he saw Findlay’s photo. Steve McQueen would have never done that — never “show” emotion, always suggest it by covering it up. Another rule of thumb is that any film in which any character loudly yells out “no!” (as in “no, don’t let that happen!” or “no, don’t let him get away!”) is a problem. Winter’s Tale is therefore (and I’m not delighted to imply this) most likely a problem.