From Peter Debruge’s 2.29 review: “Turns out there are a lot of things that have gone unsaid in movies until now, and Saint Frances (available on VOD) goes there in a way that’s not only enlightening, but entertaining as well. This exceptionally frank, refreshingly nonjudgmental indie was written by and stars Kelly O’Sullivan, a ‘girl next door’ type whose no-nonsense approach to issues facing both her gender and her generation leaves ample room for laughter — a la Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck.

“But unlike that Judd Apatow-produced studio entry, Saint Frances shares none of the pressure to partner up its potentially ‘unlikable’ female protagonist with a man who can handle her baggage. I put ‘unlikable’ in quotes because I adore this character: Bridget makes a lot of bad choices (who doesn’t?) and seems totally unprepared for most of what life throws at her (she’s the last candidate most folks would hire as a nanny), but she feels as human as they come. So a better comparison might be the work of Girls creator Lena Dunham, as O’Sullivan embraces her own fallibility, renders it into fiction, then presents it as comedy.”

Has anyone seen it? I haven’t.