Every now and then I stop what I’m doing and say a small prayer of thanks that Barry Sonnenfeld appears to be working mostly on the tube these days and is no longer making awful CGI-pestilence movies like Men in Black and Wild Wild West or grotesque family slapstick comedies like RV. Or is taking a breather from these, at the very least.

Barry Sonnenfeld extolling the virtues of the Blackberry 8830 World Edition on page 114 of the new Esquire

This morning I was reading a piece Sonnenfeld has written for the latest issue of Esquire (i.e., Sean Penn on the cover) about the Verizon Blackberry 8830 World Edition, and I said to myself, “My God, it’s wonderful not to have this guy’s movies in my head any more.” Sonnenfeld is loaded and kicking back these days (he has homes in Telluride and East Hampton). I hope to God he stays in that realm and enjoys his lifestyle to the fullest.