The N.Y. Times is reporting that Sony attorneys, including litigator David Boies, have demanded that news agencies ignore any ill-gotten information that has come from hacked Sony emails and data. Pay no attention to those situations and scenarios behind the curtain because the information is “stolen,” which of course it has been. News orgs can stay with the story but no more tasty email excerpts can be posted or published. In the three-page letter Boies said that the studio “does not consent to your possession, review, copying, dissemination, publication, uploading, downloading or making any use” of the information. You guys are reputable, front-line journalists, Boies is saying, and so you must disregard what all the other websites who are covering this story will almost certainly not disregard. You must abstain. You must not promote or assist the hostile desires of the Bangkok-based, most likely North Korean-backed hackers.