Tony Soprano’s “pompadoured henchman, Silvio Dante, is barely breathing and full of holes,” begins a story by Reuters’ Arthur Spiegelman and Rick Gorman…obviously assholes who have no regard for the hundreds of thousands Sopranos fans who want to keep themselves clueless about last Sunday’s episode!
Get some guys together, hunt down Spiegelman and Gorman, take ’em out behind the Reuters building and make ’em feel it…right, HE readers?
“His brother-in-law Bobby is dead and Soprano himself is left in a darkened bedroom, clutching a machine-gun like a frightened child holding a teddy bear,” they’ve written.
“He is so abandoned that even his long-conflicted therapist has dropped him as a patient after being convinced by colleagues that “the talking cure” doesn’t work on sociopaths.
“In case you haven’t figured it out, the end is near — on Sunday, to be exact — for one of television’s most riveting programs and maybe for its chief character, North Jersey mob boss and all around family man, Tony Soprano .”