A couple of weeks ago I did a phoner with Motel Life star Stephen Dorff, who for my money gives one of the most touching performances of his life as a mentally challenged one-legged loser gimp. Alan and Gabriel Polsky‘s film (Front Row, 11.8) is a gentle lower-depths drama about a couple of brothers, Frank and Jerry Lee Flannagan (Emile Hirsch, Dorff), whose morose, hand-to-mouth life goes from bad to worse when Jerry Lee accidentally kills a kid with a hit-and-run. Dorff and I had a nice smooth chat — he’s one of those guys you can say anything to and he’ll bat it right back without skipping a beat. He gets the cosmic totality of things. Anyway, I edited and converted the Dorff file to mp3 and….I don’t what happened but it’s gone. This hasn’t happened in a long time, but I fucked up and I admit it.