“What’s ‘defining’ about The Social Network is the way it shows a generation losing touch with its humanity,” says Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers. “The satire in Aaron Sorkin‘s script isn’t aimed at what you call the ‘cool kids,’ the creative, non-narcissistic users of the internet who don’t use ‘friend’ as a verb. They are in the minority.

“Who’s the majority? Go to any multiplex to see a movie — I just came back from Sundance — and you’ll see a lightshow of iPhones and Blackberrys at every performance. Not before or after the movie, but during. The guy next to me (from your generation) was checking his e-mail and updating his Facebook status. No apology. No shame. He just shot me a look. Like I wasn’t there. Like the audience wasn’t there. Like it was just him and a glowing screen.”