I can’t make the Tribeca Film Festival this year, sorry, but I’d love to somehow see David Riker‘s The Girl, which features the always pronounced and out-there Abbie Cornish giving what Deadline‘s Pete Hammond is describing as “her most challenging performance to date and the real selling point of the film.”

“With Strategy PR firm (led by Oscar maven Cynthia Swartz) behind them,” the Girl producers “are hoping to make a big impact with a small film, get a good distributor and set up a late fall release that would also include an Oscar campaign for Cornish,” Hammond writes. “The story revolves around the plight of a single South Texas mother who has lost her son to Social Services and winds up trying to make some easy money smuggling Mexican immigrants across the border. The plan goes awry and she finds herself stuck with a young girl separated from her mother in the disastrous crossing.”