Although The Beast and pathetic vp toady Mike Pence attended today’s historic Space X launch at Cape Canaveral, no one should even flirt with the idea that the Trump administration had anything to do with the privately funded Falcon X rocket lifting off successfully, and the two-man capsule now being in orbit.

SpaceX intends to eventually take wealthy tourists into orbit for a fee of “tens of millions” each, or so I read somewhere. The ultimate idea is to fly astronauts and bucks-up tourists to Mars — to safely land there, wander around like Matt Damon, take videos and then return. Most of us are presuming that the first Space X mission to Mars…let’s put that aside for now.

N.Y. Times excerpt: “It was a moment of triumph and perhaps nostalgia for the country, a welcome reminder of America’s global pre-eminence in science, technological innovation and private enterprise at a time its prospects and ambitions have been clouded by the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty and political strife. Millions around the world watched the launch online and on television, many from self-imposed quarantine in their homes.”

Again — Donny Fatfuck had nothing to do with it.