You’re good for most LA Film Fest screenings and events if you have a yellow press badge, but you have to specially RSVP for certain special screenings and events. One of them is “An Evening With James Franco” on Monday, 6.20. So I RSVPed to it this morning, and soon after received this reply: “Jeffrey — We have limited tickets to this event so we’ll note your request and let you know of the status closer to the event.”

So I wrote back and said, “Can I be honest? I don’t care that much about attending this thing anyway.” In response to this the FIND publicist wrote back and said, “Jeffrey — in response to your last email, would you like me to remove you from the list?” And I replied, “No — I didn’t ask you to remove me from your list. Would you yourself like to do that? Because…what, I’m not enthusiastic about attending the Franco thing?

“Sorry but I just have no interest in attending chit-chat events that I’ve RSVPed to and then having received a response that says ‘well, we might not be able to fit you in but hang in there…maybe….we’ll see.’ Life is too short to wait on pins and needles to see if I’ll be allowed to listen to the great James Franco talk about stuff…please.”

You just get busy and pushing yourself with all these events stacked up and it all kind of gets scrambled around and…I don’t know why I posted this but on some vague level it has something to do with Franco’s post-Oscar-telecast rep and the expectation levels for Rise of the Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox, 8.5).