A speed-the-plow version of Anne Thompson‘s Telluride impressions on her Risky Biz blog: (a) Little Children (New Line, director-writer Todd Field) — Telluride reaction was “decidedly mixed…some people don’t buy this movie”…a “deglamorized” Kate Winslet has solid shot at a best actress nomination; (b) The Namesake (Fox Searchlight, director: Mira Nair) — “Strong stuff”, “positive” Telluride reaction, pacing needs to be tightened; (c) Venus (Miramax, director: Roger Michell) — Telluride reaction: “The folks loved it but critics may be mixed: the movie is a smart, well-made, conventional crowd-pleaser. Oscar Watch: No question that Peter O’Toole will move the aging Academy.” (d) The Last King of Scotland (Fox Searchlight, director: Kevin Macdonald) — Good Telluride reaction, Best Actor buzz for star Forrest Whitaker; (e) The Lives of Others (Sony Pictures Classics, director-writer Florian Henckel-Donnersmarck) — Telluride reaction was “rapturous…if Germany submits the film for Oscar consideration, it should land a nomination”; (f) Catch a Fire (Focus Features, director: Phillip Noyce) — “Good” Telluride reaction, and star Derek Luke “could prevail in an unusually weak year for leading men, but the movie will need brilliant marketing from Focus Features and huge critical and audience support to survive the competitive Oscar season”; and (g) Infamous (Warner Independent, director: Douglas McGrath) — Telluride reaction was “positive”, but star Toby Jones “can’t go up against the memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman, last year’s Oscar winner, nor will Sandra Bullock erase Catherine Keener as Harper Lee. But Daniel Craig‘s powerful performance as Smith has a shot as supporting.” Wells comment: This will never, ever happen — Craig is a fine actor, but is seriously miscast here.