“Seeking a way out of an acrimonious relationship at Paramount, the DreamWorks principals David Geffen and Steven Spielberg have been negotiating to move their operation to NBC Universal,” according to N.Y. Times reporters Sharon Waxman and Brooks Barnes. They add, however, that “negotiations have hit a wall over financing.”

One thing’s for sure — I will be on serious pins and needles until Geffen and Spielberg finally settle on a happy partnership. Knowing that they feel unfulfilled and unappreciated by their current partners at Paramount concerns me a great deal. Here’s hoping things work out with NBC Universal. I’m pulling for these titans of industry like a Dodgers fan pulling for his/her favorite pitcher or hitter during the playoffs. More power, more millions…hit it out of the park!

Note: Nikki Finke reported yesterday morning that the Times story is “all wrong.” She says that “everyone including me has reported that DreamWorks has been talking to NBC Uni since the summer…except for the N.Y. Times.” She underlines that DreamWorks is contractually prohibited from negotiating with other companies before April 2008, and that a “meeting” between Geffen and GE chairman Jeffrey Immelt, Universal boss Jeff Zucker and Universal Studios president Ron Meyer this coming week is “simply a dinner.”

And when these guys sit down they’re going to talk about what…starting a Bhagavad Gita reading group? Personal fulfillment issues? Sierra hiking trails?