“Spike Lee’s Inside Man, a crime drama, is nothing short of brilliant,” critic Emanuel Levy has written. “It’s also one of the two or three best films he has made in his 20-year career, along with Do the Right Thing and He Got Game. At once celebrating, deconstructing and surpassing the heist films and police corruption movies of the 1970s, Lee joins forced with producer Brian Grazer to craft a pressure-cooker thriller. After making many social commentary films, such as Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, Jungle Fever and The 25th Hour, Lee seems reenergized by the opportunity to helm an interlocking puzzle, in which no piece is what it seems to be. It’s a pleasant surprise to realize that the multi-layered and both character and plot-driven screenplay, in which no detail is unimportant and no clue is a throwaway, was written by a newcomer, Russell Gewirtz.” I’m seeing it this evening but I’ve been asked not to write about it until early next week, or three or four days before the 3.24 opening.