Call this invasive prying, but all art is personal and if you can’t stand the heat don’t pick up the paint brush. I’m referring to the obvious echoes of Larry Wachowski‘s transgender personal life in his and brother Andy’s V for Vendetta (Warner Bros., 3.17), as well as Bound, the Wachowski’s 1996 crime drama. Both deal with passionate love affairs between women, and given that Larry, who’s been a woman for the last two or three years, has been paired with a dominatrix namd Karen Winslow (a.k.a., Ilsa Strix) and…well, it’s fairly obvious. And yet there seems to be some kind of p.c. embargo about discussing the girl-on-girl subtext in the Wachowski gallery. As I understand the rules, it’s permissible to tough upon Alfred Hitchcock’s passion for icy blondes and his real-life thing for Tippi Hedren in a past-tense context, but discussing the Wachowski-lezzie angle in the present tense is a no-no…got it.