There’s quite a striking difference in the RT reactions to Judd Apatow‘s The King of Staten Island — critics are less enthused (69%) than the mostly tickled-and-satisfied Joe Popcorn crowd (90%). A similar critical disparity is happening with Spike Lee‘s Da 5 Bloods91% thumbs-up from critics compared to a 78% Joe Popcorn rating.

Reddit reactions to Da 5 Bloods are all over the map — it’s either a home run or a bunt.

IMDB ratings, meanwhile, are a tad underwhelming for both films — 6.6% for Da 5 Bloods, 6.5% for KOSI.

HE reminder: “The King of Staten Island made me smile and guffaw and even laugh out loud several times (highly unusual for an LQTM-er). And I believed every word of it…every line, emotion, situation, character. It’s peddling sardonic humor that doesn’t feel schticky, although I guess it is. The tone is low-key raw, kinda nervy, certainly unpretentious and 90% bullshit-free.

“Okay, it softens up during the final passage, but I welcomed this with open arms. Because a film about wall-to-wall, start-to-finish nihilism would be too much. And the length (136 minutes) doesn’t feel longish but completely necessary and natural.”