The Grand Wyndham Berlin Hotel wifi situation turned rancid for a lot of people here yesterday afternoon. Zero page loads or loading speeds so slow they barely merit the name…no action. I don’t know why I didn’t notice the problem then but I definitely noticed it today. It was working, not working, working, etc. I was given a new restricted password and it worked for a while, and then chaos again. I did what any mild-mannered professional would do in this situation. I made the people who are administratively responsible suffer. Bad wifi makes me see red. I become Nick Fury. It’s funny but on some level I almost enjoy raising persistent hell when this happens. Well, I don’t actually “enjoy” it but once I give myself over to a Shohei Imamura Vengeance Is Mine mindset, I feel like I’m in some kind of groove. Anyway, the “air” is now working again, and for good measure the hotel manager gave me a couple of ethernet cables for direct connectivity. I guess I’ll be okay but my hotel wifi motto still stands. Bring internet anguish into my life and I will double if not triple it before sending right back into yours.