Today I attended a press/Academy lunch at Craig’s for Spotlight director Tom McCarthy, who is literally the toast of the town right now. Received last weekend from a producer pal: “I thought it was wonderful. It may be the first time I really liked Liev Schreiber — he was amazing. Keaton amazing. Ruffalo amazing. It will definitely win the ensemble cast award from the Screen Actors Guild. A major contender for Best Picture.”) Nobody except LexG is anything less than over-the-waterfall in praise for this fact-based drama, which was produced by Steve Golin, whom I ran into recently at the Middleburg Film Festival. (The other producers are Blye Faust, Nicole Rocklin and Michael Sugar.) Also in attendance: Open Road honcho Tom Ortenberg, Spotlight award-campaign consultant Lisa Taback, Jackie Bisset, Dermot Mulroney, Nic Coster.

Spotlight director Tom McCarthy chatting with Gregg Ellwood at Craig’s — Monday, 11.9, 1:10 pm.

Spotlight producer Steve Golin.