“The challenge in a series like BBC One’s Years and Years (HBO, 6.24) is not kicking out at the predictable backlash from Trumpers, climate deniers, racists and fascists — for numerous reasons they are not the target audience — but in taking what everybody else has been feeling in the past few years and turning it into compelling drama rather than a soap-box lecture.

“And that’s what producer-writer Russell T. Davies gets most right most of the time, even when his rage — and it’s his and everybody else’s sense of outrage that he’s tapping into — necessitates that he lean into themes that validate progressive, rational and empathetic concerns.

“He’s preaching to the choir here — Years and Years very clearly being a WTF? reaction to Trump and the American drift. But Davies has managed to package it in a wildly entertaining, moving and, yes, sometimes funny look at a world gone mad.” — from a 6.21 review by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Goodman.