Presumably a few have seen Benny and Josh Safdie‘s Good Time. HE would be delighted to post whatever negative assessments you’d care to forward. (Okay, positive reviews are fine too.) And if anyone wants to shit on Marc Webb and Allan Loeb‘s The Only Living Boy in New York, feel free.

A well-written passage from A.O. Scott‘s N.Y. Times review of Good Time: “The Safdies are as clever and crafty as Robert Pattinson‘s Connie is inept and impulsive. Good Time moves smartly and propulsively to the stressed-out strains of Daniel Lopatin’s edge-of-a-heart-attack score. The smudgy, grimy urban landscape — emergency rooms, fast-food restaurants, blocks of modest, over-mortgaged, squeezed-together houses — is shot (by Sean Price Williams) with a fastidious avoidance of prettiness.

“The story doesn’t twist and turn so much as squirm and jump like an eel in the bottom of a rowboat. The biggest surprises confirm what an unbelievable slimeball Connie is. He’s about as hard to root for as any movie outlaw you can think of.”

Second reposting of my 5.26 17 Cannes review: “The Safdie brothers know how to whip action into a lather and keep the kettle boiling, and there’s no doubt that Good Time felt like the punchiest and craziest film to play during the festival, which is why so many critics, underwhelmed by a relatively weak lineup, responded with such fervor. But I can’t abide stupidity, and after 40 minutes of watching these simpletons hold up a bank and run around and ruthlessly use people to duck the heat I was praying that at least one of them would get shot or arrested. I can roll with scumbags and sociopaths, but I need a little something I can relate to or identify with. If the repulsion factor is too strong, I check out. And that’s what I did in this instance. And good riddance.”