The fanboy factor has resulted in a buy-out of tickets to tonight’s 30th Anniversary screening of Star Wars at the Motion Picture Academy. But “due to attrition, no-shows and cancellations,” a certain quantity of seats should be available to pikers in the stand-by line. People like myself, I mean.

I’d like to attend because producer George Lucas will be doing a q & a after the screening along with other members of the team, but I’m not sure if my withered sense of dignity will allow me to wait in line for 90 minutes or more to see a 30 year-old film that I’ve always regarded as, at best, an okay diversion. (It would be a different story if The Empire Strikes Back were showing.)

The Academy website doesn’t say whether they’ll be showing the 1977 original or the digitally augmented “Greedo shoots first” version, but Academy spokesperson Leslie Unger told me a while ago it’ll definitely be the digitally augmented version.

It can probably be safely assumed that a mint-condition version of the 1977 original will never be shown at a first-class theatre ever again. Wasn’t the recently released DVD of the ’77 version taken from an old laser-disc master from the ’90s? Lucas couldn’t be bothered to restore it or even tweak it up.