You get tired of listening to the same old classic-rock cuts. We all do. The “never again!” saturation point is somewhere above…what, 100 plays but less than 300 or 400? I don’t know where it is exactly. I know that if you sit in any Starbucks in any part of the world you’ll hear nothing but ’60s and ’70s tracks, and that they’ll never play anything else. It’s crazy. But there are portions of certain classic cuts that you can never tire of and could almost listen to every day of your life. (Almost.) The jangly guitar opening of “It’s All Over Now” is one. And there’s something about those 12-string Rickenbacker chord changes (D-string second fret and then B-minor) on “Turn Turn Turn” that is just eternal bull’s-eye. It’s one of the most perfectly rendered guitar declarations of all time.