Steven Spielberg is allegedly going to start talking to the press about Munich (there’s an L.A. Times piece in the works) and making the rounds. And it’s not going to make any differ- ence. Spielberg could stand at the corner of Wilshire and La Peer every night at 7 pm passing out Munich leaflets and it wouldn’t matter. A film-critic friend said yesterday that “a let-the-movie- speak-for-itself campaign can work for the right film. The movie just needs to speak to people. Munich didn’t. Million Dollar Baby did. I think Pete Hammond saying ‘it’s not your father’s Oscar cam- paign any more’ is ultimately just excuse-making. Eastwood did very little press leading up to the nominations last year. Yeah, he’s Clint. He doesn’t have to glad-hand. But Million Dollar Baby copped seven Oscar nominations and four major Oscars last year simply by being a great movie. If Munich had delivered the goods, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”