Steven Spielberg is one very hip and cool guy, or at least he was a year ago. A piece in the February issue of W says that comic Kathy Griffin is still agog that Spielberg’s attorneys threatened her for joking during the 2005 Golden Globes awards ceremony that Dakota Fanning “had entered rehab.” (And imagine…this anecdote just collected dust for eleven months!!) A Page Six sum-up says that “lawyers for Spielberg, who directed Fanning in War of the Worlds, contacted Griffin after the awards and demanded that she apologize for the crack. When she refused, Spielberg’s legal lackeys warned that she would end up on the powerful director’s ‘shit list.'” Griffin told W that “Spielberg has a lot of fucking nerve. I don’t care how big you are, you will not trample on my, or anyone else’s, First Amendment rights. That makes me furious.” Spielberg spokesperson Marvin Levy told Page Six that “it was a very upsetting thing for a young child and her family. Obviously, to Kathy Griffin it was a joke, but why make a joke out of [Fanning]? She’s a terrific young lady who was there with her family, and it was very upsetting.” Maybe (if you want to be a milquetoast about it), but what adjective best describes Spielberg’s response?