This sounds interesting…kind of. Variety is reporting that Philip Kaufman (Quills, The Right Stuff, The Unbearable Lightness of Being) has signed to direct a biopic of legendary cult director Nicholas Ray called I Was Interrupted, based on a script by Oren Moverman (Jesus’ Son). It’s about the last decade of Ray’s life (he died of cancer in ’79), during which time he played an art forger in Wim Wenders’ The American Friend (’77) and co-directed (with Wim Wenders) Lightning Over Water, a documentary about his last days. The film will reportedly focus on Ray’s relationship with Susan Schwartz, whom he met when she was a teenager and eventually married. (Schwartz placed an ad in the Soho Weekly News in 1980 or ’81 looking for the right someone to share the Spring Street loft she’d lived in with Ray, and I was one of those who came by to look it over.) I wonder what middle-aged actor Kaufman will hire to put on that signature black eyepatch and play Ray? He’ll have to be tall and lanky with craggy features…I’m drawing a blank.