“It’s tempting to blame the peculiar leadenness of Snow White and The Huntsman on its casting,” writes Slate‘s Dana Stevens. “Charlize Theron isn’t a terrible choice to play the evil queen, though the poignancy of the queen’s obsession with youth might register more deeply if she were played by an actress who showed any visible signs of aging. But Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart as Snow White — especially this particular version of Snow White, a Joan of Arc-like medieval action heroine? Not gonna happen.

“Stewart’s whole manner, her slouchy bearing and general aura of sulky passivity, make her ill-suited to play a deposed princess whose irresistible charisma enables her to lead a peasant revolt. Stewart may have a limited range, but I don’t mind her in contemporary roles — she’s just right as the moony Bella in the Twilight movies or Jesse Eisenberg‘s object of desire in Adventureland, and she even made a passable Joan Jett. Still, the image of her leading a castle siege in full battle armor is so incongruous it might come from one of those parody trailers that opened Ben Stiller‘s Tropic Thunder.”

In a 12.5.11 piece called “Stewart Needs To Dump CG Flicks,” I wrote that “I’ve admired Stewart’s work in The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys and Adventureland. And I’m looking forward to her reportedly upfront Marylou performance in Walter SallesOn the Road. I used to think KStew might be evolving into Sean Penn. Now I’m not so sure.”

If LexG wasn’t banned I’m not sure he’d have a whole lot to say beyond the usual erotic fixation stuff. It’s probably just as well.