It seems obvious that Richard Shenkman‘s Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (out now) is a cheesy Asylum attempt to cash in on the awareness levels for Timur Bekmambetov‘s Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (20th Century Fox, 6.22). But it’s not as if the Fox version, produced by Tim Burton, is a David Lean film. I’m presuming they’re both crap — the Bekmambetov is just costlier. I have an idea that the Shenkman will be funnier. I’ll be catching it this weekend.

Some IMDB Asylum crony from Denmark named Paul Haakonsen wrote on 5.28 that in the making of Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, “I can honestly say that [Asylum] went all in this time, guns blazing and digging deep into their pockets. This movie is such a major step up the ladder, production-wise, for Asylum, and just looking at the movie on the screen is a testament to them suiting up and stepping up to join the major league of movie production. The cinematography was great, the effects were great, and the people they had cast did great jobs. So it was really a refreshing touch to Asylum’s production value.” Sure thing!