There will be a little more time for Academy members to fill in their nomination ballots next January. Balloting will begin on the morning of Thursday, 1.5.17 or six days later than last year’s 12.30 balloting kickoff. It will conclude at 5 pm on 1.13.17, or nine days later. Last year the nommie balloting period lasted 10 days (12.30.15 to 1.8.16). The slackers (i.e., those who routinely refuse to attend screenings or watch screeners until the very last minute) will be able to begin the process a little later, but they’ll have a day less to sort things through. Some guy tweeted today that “you’d be amazed how many members don’t watch all the movies because they’re away for Xmas and New Year’s.” I’m not amazed in the least. The default attitude on the part of many older Academy members is one of extreme laziness. The Oscar nominations will be announced on Tuesday, 1.24. The PGA and DGA awards will happen on 2.4 and 2.6, respectively. Final voting will open on Monday, 2.13 and finish on Tuesday, 2.21. The Oscar telecast will happen on Sunday, 2.26.