It’s been 13 and 1/2 months since Donald Trump was elected President, and my anger about what’s happened to this country since 1.20.17 has been tempestuous. But the root of my rage is still, the night before Christmas, aimed at older GenX and boomer-aged establishment Democrats who advanced and financed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, and eventually locked it down in the spring of ’16.

I voted for Clinton for all the usual sane, forward-looking reasons, but Hillary and the genderists and especially the entrenched Democratic mafia types who muscled her through the primary and delegate-pledging process…they are the main reason we’re currently stuck in the psychotic hellscape of the here-and-now. For Hillary is and was so polarizing, so hated by the bubbas, so unable or uninterested in trying to reach out to poor whites. The bumblefucks voted for Trump, yes, but a significant majority of them, I’m convinced, mainly voted against Clinton, and there can be no forgiving the liberal establishment donor class for making this scenario inevitable.

Any viable, dynamic woman candidate who wasn’t Hillary…if only someone had pushed through.

An anecdote from a six-month-old podcast between Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capeheart and Justin Gest, author of “The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality,” which explains the dug-in, deep-down mindset of rural bumblefucks who supported Trump and who will continue to support him despite the psychotic poison he and his cabinet have been spewing for the last 11 months.

Gest: “[For poor, working-class whites] racism has become an instrument of silence…it is a way of invalidating people…white working class people are not the silent majority, they are the silenced majority…many of them feel silenced by the political correctness brigade…Democrats used to be pro-union and pro-working class [but] since the late ’80s and early ’90s they’ve become [increasingly] allied with the financial class…there are 660 counties in the U.S. that are 90% or 80% white, and earning below the median income in the U.S….of those poor counties, how many did Hillary Clinton win? The answer is two.”

Gest on white working class alienation: “So much of Trump’s political rhetoric is symbolic…his purpose is not practical, but people want to hear this anyway…he is elevating the perogative of his constituents to a national stage, after [their] having been relegated to the fringes of the national scene…he returned them to prominence in American politics.

“[These people are] losing control, losing a sense of positionality…Trump’s ‘make American great again’ sold the politics of nostalgia…politics consumed by the past…Trump would’ve lost if his slogan had been ‘make American great’…he would’ve lost if he hadn’t used the word ‘again’…It’s become okay [among urban educated people] to [adopt] classist attitudes against poor white people, and they sense it…they hear terms like hillbilly, redneck…many white people are down today because they have become the very people they used to criticize…that is the most principal reason for race blacklash.”

Bernie Sanders could’ve won, Bernie Sanders could’ve won, Bernie Sanders could’ve won.

Posted on 9.17.16: “I truly dislike Hillary Fainting Arrogant Goldman Sachs Establishment Eyebags but I WANT HER TO WIN. More to the point, I don’t want her to lose. She’s obviously the only rational, sensible choice, but she’s such a terrible, terrible candidate. She’s sinking in the polls now and she’s just sitting there like a vegetable, recovering from her pneumonia.”