An all-new remastered high-def version of Leni Riefenstahl‘s Triumph of the Will (among other things an alleged inspiration for the finale of George Lucas‘s Star Wars) will pop on 12.8.15. The Bluray is derived from a new 2K scan that has been digitally corrected and restored under the supervision of restoration guru Robert A. Harris (Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, My Fair Lady).

The usual mixed feelings apply. Even when a film delivers repellent content true cineastes are able to recognize highly effective and even mesmerizing chops when they see them. I once bickered with Manohla Dargis along these general lines a dozen years ago. She was saying Triumph of the Will was and is reprehensible and I was saying, “Yeah, of course, no dispute…but you can’t say Riefenstahl didn’t have a great eye and a commanding visual style.”

I’m told that the aspect ratio is boxier than boxy — taller than 1.33:1. Offered in original German with all-new, on-screen identifications and newly translated removable English subtitles for the speeches. Riefenstahl’s Day of Freedom, a short film remastered in 2K HD, is also included. Plus audio commentary by Dr. Anthony R. Santoro, a specialist on National Socialist German history.