Another story about the challenge that Paramount is facing in the selling of Stop-Loss, this version from the Hollywood Reporter‘s Steven Zeitchik.

Ever since last summer’s tanking of summer of A Mighty Heart and In The Valley Of Elah, the mantra is that American guys and gals don’t want to know from movies about the Iraq War and its combatants, and yet Kimberly Peirce‘s drama, opening 3.28, is “the first movie told entirely from [Iraq veterans’] point of view…a movie emblematic of how soldiers really feel,” she says.
And so the Stop-Loss trailers and ads are basically saying , “What, me Iraq?”
The story, directed and written by Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry), is about a soldier (Ryan Phillipe ) who finishes his tour in Iraq and returns home to Texas, only to be ordered right back to Baghdad under the Army’s stop-loss provision. Except he’d rather not. Should he say or should he go? Abbie Cornish costars.