I’m been led to believe, beyond the implication in this “Page Six” item, that Ben Quick, Billy The Kid, Brick Pollitt, Anthony Judson Lawrence, Harry Bannerman, David Alfred Eaton, Ari Ben Canaan, Eddie Felson, Ram Bowen, Chance Wayne, Hud Bannon, Lew Harper, Professor Michael Armstrong, Butch Cassidy, Rheinhardt, Hank Stamper, Joseph Rearden, Henry Gondorff, Doug Roberts, William F. ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody, Reggie Dunlop, Murphy, Frank Galvin, Harry Keach, Gen, Leslie Groves, Sidney J. Mussburger, Sully Sulllivan, Harry Ross, Dodge Blake and John Rooney may be facing a hard situation. But it’s almost as hard to think of any 83 year-old guy working out in an oncologist’s waiting room and “doing squat thrusts” as being anywhere close to on the ropes.
On one hand, I’m told, he was taken from his home in Westport, Ct. to Norwalk Hospital last week in an ambulance. But he also drove Barbara Walters around the track at Lime Rock (also in Connecticut) 10 days ago for a program she was shooting on the topic of longevity. A tough old bird and best wishes to a good fellow.