I’m imagining being a 14 year-old kid without a bike or a skateboard, and kicking around in this grubby Pennnsylvania neighborhood with nihilistic thoughts running around my head, and then I look up and see that Prince of Persia billboard. “Wait…who dat long-haired homie cat?,” I might say to myself. “Don’t matter, I guess. I can tell right off the bat this movie isn’t going to save my life. I mean, that much I know.”

It was inevitable, of course, that when I raised my camera to take a shot that someone would stop in their tracks and wait until I’d snapped it. Sure enough, a very polite woman in a red T-shirt stopped and waited while I took this. I explained a week ago that I hate it when people do this, and that shots are sometimes (frequently?) better if someone walks into the frame while you’re taking a shot. There’s no winning, of course. People are going to polite me to death in this particular fashion for the rest of my life.