Last night Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard delivered a riff about Donald Trump‘s ’90s gangsta vibe, but like all good jokes it had a ring of truth. Trump fans like his nerve, his brass, his impudence. “He’s ’90s hip-hop all day, Larry…jackin’ beats…the 50 Cent of the Republican Party…gave out a United States Senator’s private cell phone!” But Baby Tupac can’t beat Hillary’s Suge Knight. Which reminds me: Straight Outta Compton screenings are just around the corner although screenings for non-critics (i.e., “interview” press) are happening this week.

“A third-party run would turn Donald Trump‘s primary pre-gaming into a confusing, emotional, and endless spectacle…and could send the many conservative voters who have briefly catapulted Trump to the top of the primary polls away from a Jeb Bush or a Scott Walker come November 2016. Trump may not be able to win much more support than he has now, thanks to his record-low favorability numbers, but seeing 5 or 10 percent of reliable voters evaporate from its general-election support is not something that the Republican Party wants to worry about happening.” — from a 7.23 post by New York/”Daily Intelligencer”‘s Jaime Fuller.