On the Amazon.com page for the upcoming Apocalypse Now Bluray “Full Disclosure” edition (which I clicked on from the Bluray’s official website), it is stated that the package includes (and this is a direct copy/paste) (a) “Hearts of DarknessEleanor Coppola‘s documentary on the making of Apocalypse Now” and (b) “Hearts of Darkness audio commentary with Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola.”

The first statement is a baldfaced lie. Hearts of Darkness was co-directed by George Hickenlooper and Fax Bahr with footage and audio tapes supplied by Eleanor Coppola, who had nothing to do with the interviews done for the doc and little to do with the cutting of it. This may be an Amazon error or (don’t want to leap to conclusions) deliberate misinformation forwarded by Lionsgate, Paramount Home Video and/or Zoetrope, but HE readers are referred to a piece I wrote this morning about a related Hearts of Darkness issue.