HE regulars and dilletantes had reactions, I presume, to 21 Jump Street? Did the critics overpraise or get it right? The Sony release will have $35 million in the bag by late tonight, which is…what, $5 million more than John Carter‘s opening?

I wasn’t invited to any Casa de mi Padre screenings, and I probably would have been on the fence about attending, to be perfectly honest, as I’ve come to presume that all Will Ferrell films, in whatever language, are likely to be (a) problematic and (b) not funny. But the Spanish-language Lionsgate release, which has a stinko 45% Rotten Tomatoes rating, pulled in $2.2 million at only 282 locations for a $7800 per-screen average.

I was standing near the ticket booth at the AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19 last night. A 20something Latino couple was studying the lobby board. The guy walked forward, got into line and turned to the girl. “You wanna comedy? Or…what, action? A comedy?” The girl half-shrugged, seemed a bit bored. “I dunno…whatever,” she said. He shrugged also, turned back to the board, and then turned and said to her, “How about Casa de mi Padre?”