In all modesty, the Get Out bandwagon was stopped in its tracks yesterday afternoon by a bold Hollywood Elsewhere one-two punch — “Twitter Mafiosos & Their Herd-Mentality Games” and “Get Out & Invasion of Brain Snatchers,” posted within three or four hours of each other.

And the two best reader comments fell under the “Brain Snatchers” piece, to wit:

(1) “I’m not sure exactly what the idiots are thinking when they use [the term ‘woke’], but the definition that seems closest to the mark is ‘woke’ = ‘white liberal who has outsourced his/her/its/their thinking to non-white liberals-in-name-only in a desperate bid for Cool Kid points.” — “Zerowing

(2) “If [Get Out] wins Best Picture, it will cement the fact that the Oscars, especially for Best Picture, is a total crap shoot, and a political-social awareness merit badge award, and consequentially the Oscar will soon be regarded as flatly meaningless by an even larger swath of society and industry.” — “Brad