There’s a certain kind of heartwarming relationship drama that is more or less based on the Heidi formula. It always involves an older grump and a younger person — a long-lost son or daughter, a neighbor, a grandson or granddaughter, a naive co-worker. I’ve noticed that the press-release synopsis for these films almost always end with the following: “The two find common ground and form an unlikely bond which changes their lives in unexpected ways.” (The latest usage arrived today in a press release for Arnold Grossman‘s The Boat Builder, which costars Christopher Lloyd, Jane Kaczmarek and David Lascher.) I’m talking about the press release writers more than the filmmakers. If I was hired to bang this stuff out, I would suggest to my employer that perhaps we might form an unlikely bond by resolving to avoid tiresome cliches, and that in so doing we might change our lives in unexpected ways.