Herewith an acknowledgement of the 11.13 AFI Fest screening of David Fincher and David Prior‘s Voir.

One of the “visual essays about the love of cinema” is titled “Summer of the Shark” — a Jaws recollection by none other than HE’s own Sasha Stone. The essay is nicely narrated by the Awards Daily owner, and it tells about her cinematic awakening, if you will, when she first saw Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic.

The photo is of a movie-set recreation of teenaged Sasha watching Jaws in her 1970s living room.

The other essays are “Ethics of Revenge” by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou, and “But I Don’t Like Him” by Drew McWeeny.

The entire thing will be shown on Netflix a few weeks hence. The trailer will also eventually pop through.