Sundance ’21 will basically be doing a TIFF next January, which is to say they’ll mostly be streaming films with a drastically reduced physical presence in terms of theatres, ticketing and office space. And they’re cutting down from the usual ten days to seven (Thursday, 1.28 through Wednesday, 2.3).

Plus limited screenings, a heavy digital component and, if it’s “safe” again, an assortment of world premiere screenings in a number of U.S. states all around the country. In short, they don’t see the pandemic situation getting much better six months hence.

In other words, fizzle fuck. Relatively few people cared about wokester Sundance fare before. Now they REALLY won’t care.

From a 2.1.20 HE rant called “Official Verdict: Sundance ’20 Blew Chunks“: “Like I’ve said a few times, Sundance has more or less woked itself into a corner, and now it’s pretty much stuck with that brand or identity badge and can’t hope to free itself. The wokeness has been strident and persistent. The die is cast.”